We make use of the latest automatic packing technology and flavour locking process for our products. The packing materials used are in compliance with international quality standards. Every step is supervised by experts in that field, so that the final packaged product has a long shelf life and do not get affected by fungus or moisture.  

The packaging details of the products are detailed below:

Products Range / Products Available sizes
Curry Powders  
1. Sambar Powder 100g, 1 kg
2. Pickle Powder 100g
3. Rasam Powder 100g
4.  Vegetable Masala 100g
 5. Chicken Masala 100g
 6. Meat Masala 100g
 7. Fish Masala 100g
 8. Biriyani Masala 100g
 9. Garam Masala 50g
 10. Egg Masala 100g
Spice Powders 
 11. Chilli Powder Regular 100g, 250g,500g, 1 kg, 5 kg 
 12. Chilli Powder Premium 100g, 250g, 500g, 1 kg
 13. Kashmir Chilli Powder 100g, 250g, 500g
 14. Crushed Chilli 50g
 15. Coriander Powder 100g, 250g, 500g, 1 kg, 5 kg
 16. Turmeric Powder 50g, 100g, 250g, 1 kg
 17. Black Pepper Powder 50g, 100g
Whole Spices   
 18. Black Pepper 50g
 19. Cumin seed 50g, 100g
 20. Fennel 50g, 100g
 21. Fenugreek 100g, 250g
 22. Mustard 100g, 250g
Rice Powders  
 23. Puttupodi 500g, 1 kg
 24. Puttupodi – Punja 500g
 25. Appampodi 500g, 1 kg
 26. Readymix 500g
 27. Pathiri Podi  
Tea Powder 
 28. CTC Dust Tea  
Instant Mixes  
 29. Instant Palada Mix 200g
 30. Instant Semiya Mix 200g
Other Items 
 31. Asafoetida  

The products are made available in various quantities as per market requirement as detailed below:

Unit Weight
Package Mode Package Nett Weight
50g 50g x 10 packet x 12 bundles 6kg Bag
100g 100g x 10 packets x 12 bundles 12kg Bag
200g 200g x 72 packets 14.4kg Carton (For Instant Mixes only)
250g 250 x 8 packets x 6 bundles 12kg Bag
500g x 5 packets x 6 bundles 
500g x 20 packets
15 kg Bag (For Spice Powders)
10kg Bag (For Rice Powders only)
1kg 1kg x 15 packets
1kg x 10 packets
15kg Bag (For Spice Powders)
10kg Bag (For Rice Powders only)
5kg 5kg x 1 bag

5kg Bag (Bulk Packing for spice powders)

*Upto 1 kg Economy Pouches
5 kg Woven Bag

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