The procured raw materials are thoroughly cleaned by sieving and other methods and made free of any foreign materials such as twigs and pebbles. Using a sortex machine, the raw material is graded according to the colour and shape so that every batch is consistent and complies with the quality regulations.

Roasting is the next step, during which the spices release its zest. If this step is not done carefully the finished product may get spoilt easily. An optimum temperature ranging between 120 and 130 degrees is maintained throughout.

After roasting, it is ground to a fine powder and cooled. In case of curry powders and other mixes, the various ingredients are blended in the correct proportion and made into a homogenous mixture using latest blending techniques. Automatic and semiautomatic machines take care of the packing. The completed products are dispatched to depots, from where our service vans supply it to the retail outlets.

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