Appam/Idiyappam Podi


Raw Rice
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Nutritional Information

Appam / Idiyappam podi
Calories 364 K cal  
Carbohydrates 88 g 88
Total Fat Nil  
Protein 3.9 g 3.9
Sodium Nil  
Calcium 3.8 mg 0.0038
Iron 0.3 mg 0.0003
Dietary Fibre 1.8 g 1.8
Cholesterol Nil  
Vitamin A Nil  
Vitamin C Nil  


Boil 2 tablespoons of Devon Appam Podi and 3 teaspoon sugar in two cups (400ml) of water to form a thick paste. Make a mixture of 500 gm Devon Appam Powder, 2 cups (400 ml) of coconut milk, one teaspoon yeast and enough water and blend it well in a mixer with the paste made earlier. Keep it aside for 8-10 hours and make delicious appams after adding salt to taste.

Idiyappam: Mix Devon Idiyappam Podi in boiled water with salt to taste. Mix well when it is warm and make tasty idiyappams.

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