Cooking Glossary

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Baking is a cooking method usually used for preparing bread, cakes, biscuits, pastries etc. It is done in an oven and the cooking happens by way of convection. It uses less of fat and is now sometimes used for other items as well in order to reduce calories.
Blanching is used to ease the removal of skin of vegetables (e.g. - potato) by boiling it in water for some time and subsequently plunging in cold water. It is also used for partial cooking or to remove any unpleasant taste.
Vegetables/food items cut into cubes
The fleshiest part of fish, chicken or meat cut into slices
To decorate a food item to make it visually pleasing. Coriander leaves, neatly cut vegetables etc. are used for the purpose.
 Hoisin sauce
It is a type of Chinese dipping sauce prepared from sweet potato.
Vegetables/food items cut into thin long pieces
The process of massaging, pressing, punching flour and water to a smooth dough. Proper kneading is a crucial in preparing fluffy bread or soft chappathis.
Of moderate temperature; neither too hot nor too cold
Marinating is soaking food items such as meat or fish in a mixture of spices, oils or acids in order to enhance flavour.
To chop into very fine pieces
Made by curdling milk, paneer is commonly used in North India for making a variety of dishes such as Mattar Paneer, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Tikka etc.
Pickling is used to preserve food items for a long time. Brine or vinegar, which can destroy the bacteria responsible for the decay of food, is usually used for the process.
Cooked vegetables, fruits or pulses made into a smooth paste. Mashed potato is a dish in itself. Other examples include tomato purée, apple purée etc.
A spice made from the dried stigmas of saffron flower, saffron is used to impart flavour and a wonderful golden colour to food.
Sautéing is the process of cooking finely sliced ingredients in a little bit of oil over a high flame. The ingredients are continuously stirred using a spatula.
A dish prepared by slow simmering of vegetables, fish, chicken or meat or its combinations in gravy
It is a clay oven used for cooking certain dishes in Indian, Paskistani, Afghan and Iranian cuisines. Charcoal or wood is used to light the fire in the oven.
Foodstuff cooked in a tandoor is termed as tandoori. Eg; Tandoori chicken, Tandoori naan, chicken tikka etc.
A flat cooking utensil generally used for making dosas, rotis, parathas, chappathis etc.
A food item made from processed soymilk similar to paneer in texture. It tastes almost bland, but has low calories and numerous health benefits.
Whisk is a utensil used to blend ingredients into a fine mixture. The process, which is called whisking, is done by stirring the mixture rapidly.
Flavouring food by the addition of scrapes of orange or lemon skin
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